My ability to treat the body, mind and spirit, combined with the power of integrating Eastern and Western Medicine allows me to give focused, personalized attention to each and every patient.

With an approach that is holistic, individualized and complementary, collaborating with primary care physicians and other practitioners in the Los Angeles area.

Focused, personalized health care in the the heart of Los Angeles, Larchmont Village.

From acute or chronic pain to fertility and family medicine, at Chandra Wellness we offer empowered, compassionate healing for the whole family.

Trained in Japanese “Gentle Needles” Acupuncture style. 

Call today for a free 5 minute phone consultation to discover how Acupuncture, Herbs and Holistic Nutrition can help with your specific health concerns.

Schedule an appointment by calling 310.923.1314 or e-mail us at chandrascofield@gmail.com

We do accept some PPO health insurance plans. Please call and we would be happy to check and see if you qualify for Acupuncture benefits. 

Anywhere You Are. Online Services. More info…

Don’t live in Los Angeles?

Don’t worry!

We offer services & consultations….

Online & through skype.

Easy Scheduling.

Fast ~ Easy ~ Convenient 

Some of the online services we offer are: 

  • Womens gynecology & hormone balancing
  • Auto-immune ‘dis-ease’ consultations
  • Digestion and gut repair consultations
  • Detox and Weight Loss purification cleanses
  • Functional Medicine lab work (call for qualifications)
  • Custom herbal and supplementations (easily shipped in the USA)

To Learn more about scheduling an online consultation. Please contact our office about specific services your are seeking.

Schedule an appointment today by calling 310.923.1314 or e-mail us with your questions at chandrascofield@gmail.com


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