Intuitive Nutrition

Functional Medicine  looks at the total person and their unique biochemical responses to the environment, dietary intake, vitamin supplements, prescription medicines and functional medicine lab diagnosis. With the proper, focused guidance, our daily diet can be altered to include foods that will assist in our healing process. Part of the goal with balanced, holistic nutrition is to strengthen and harmonize the digestive system and properly identify specific food sensitivities, so that the body can efficiently assimilate food intake.

When this goal is achieved a number of things begin to happen: you will start to naturally achieve a healthy body weight without dieting, your food allergies will be eliminated, and your mood, energy and hormones levels will improve. My personal philosophy is that nutrition is the foundation for our health!

Chandra is certified in Applied Clinical Nutrition, offering cutting edge Functional Medicine lab consulting, nutritional counseling, diet, and lifestyle modifications for optimal health and healing.

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