Testimonial – Bill S.

July 27th, 2011 / Posted by admin

I’m a tough critic by nature. So, when I choose to recommend a product, or in this case a person and her skills as an Acupuncture practitioner, I do so only because of how good she is based on my personal experience and the results. I have been blessed to be a client of Chandra’s for a little over 2 years now. I am so glad my Mother-n-Law recommended her. When I came to her, I was having a lot of pain issues with my neck, shoulder, and low back areas. I was skeptical of trying Acupuncture again for my previous experiences had left me not so impressed, to say the least. But Chandra has the best ‘touch’ as far as needle insertion I have ever experienced. With her depth of knowledge, and her intuitive personality I felt very comfortable right away. On top of that, she is a Certified Herbologist as well. She has introduced me to many helpful Herbal remedies that have assisted me with relaxation, weight management, and sleeping issues. She is also experienced in the process known as ‘Cupping’. Wow is all I can say. The cupping has been amazing. Another, vainer issue I came to her for was my hair. I wanted to keep what I had left of mine. Well, I now feel I have thicker, better hair than ever. If your skeptical about trying this type of alternative medical treatment, but are intrigued by it; Then I highly recommend you give Chandra, and her entire array of treatments a try. You will not be disappointed. In fact, I know you will feel better in short time.

Bill S.