How Can Acupuncture Help TMJ?

March 17th, 2019 / Posted by chandra

If you have ever suffered from TMJ you will know about it! TMJ stands for Temporomandibular Joint disorder and it is literally a total pain in the jaw! Characterized by pain, stiffness and reduction in range of movement, this condition specifically affects the joint that connects the jaw to the skull.  It’s a collection of conditions that can be caused by a number of factors. Common causes are bruxism or teeth grinding, stress and tension, injury or even arthritis. Unfortunately the pain in this condition isn’t just confined to the jaw area and can radiate out to the rest of the face and neck, causing stiffness, headaches and even dizziness.

Many sufferers turn to conventional medicine for a cure or relief from the pain and stiffness. There seems to be limited success via this route. Increasingly, acupuncture is being seen as an alternative way to treat TMJ and it’s having some great results!

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese healing method involving the insertion of very fine needles into key points around the body. Acupuncture is successful in the treatment of TMJ for a number of reasons. Acupuncture seeks to resolve the root cause of the problem instead of just treating the symptoms. It helps to restore the flow of energy (or chi) within the body, releasing tension and stimulating the nervous system to release biochemicals which promote feelings of well-being. Acupuncture is also responsible for releasing natural painkillers within the body. It will help to alleviate muscle spasms and reduce stiffness in the jaw, leading to a wider range of movement.

Don’t just take our word for it, there have been a number of recognized research studies which have found that the use of acupuncture in the treatment of TMJ has been successful, and in some cases is more effective than the use of painkillers and other mainstream treatment options.

Why not discuss your TMJ problems with us and find out how acupuncture can help alleviate the pain and stiffness that you have been suffering?

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