Food Heals

November 5th, 2015 / Posted by chandra

healthy eatingHolistic Nutrition takes a unique approach to eating by considering the physical, environmental, emotional and nutritional aspects of an individual’s daily life. A customized, holistic nutrition plan can help you to balance your digestive system and eliminate food allergies, as well as reduce joint and muscle pain, stress, insomnia and more.  Create a healthier you by following these great healthy eating tips:

Eat Mindfully

No matter how busy your lifestyle, try to avoid eating meals on the run. Cook up a few big meals during the weekend and separating them into individual portions to eat throughout the week. Mix up a big bowl of salad to keep in the fridge each week as well.

Taking the time to sit down and relax as you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner will help you avoid overeating. Wait at least 15 minutes before grabbing a second helping – chances are you aren’t really hungry for more; your brain just hasn’t caught up to your stomach yet!

Stay Hydrated

I can’t stress the important of drinking water enough. Drink a glass first thing in the morning and always carry a full water bottle with your while you are out. Many times people mistake the feeling of thirst for hunger, leading to overeating. If you feel hungry during the day, drink a glass of water before grabbing a snack.

When Snacking

Junk food is extraordinarily tempting to eat between meals. Avoid this temptation by not purchasing it, or by hiding it in the back of the cupboard. Chances are if you don’t see the snacks, you won’t think to eat them. Feeling hungry between meals? Try a healthy snack instead. Carrots and celery are two light options that will take the edge off your food cravings.

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