Optimizing Weight Management

December 19th, 2017 / Posted by chandra

As a Health Care Practitioner in Los Angeles, one of the requests I receive on a daily basis is, how can you help me loose weight? Believe me, one thing I have learned over the years in my Los Angeles Acupuncture clinic is that weight loss and weight gain can be very tricky. I consider with great examination your personal health history in order to achieve positive health care outcomes. Effective, long lasting and a healthy body weight is our goal!!!

Body weight isn’t just about the numbers on the scale. Often times, people have unexplained weight gain and are very confused with the approach on how to find an ideal personal weight and maintain it!

I have developed an individualized, holistic approach with my clients considering with great examination the root cause of weight issues. The following is brief outline of how Acupuncture, herbs and Functional Medicine can help you achieve your body goals in the New Year!

At Chandra Wellness we get to the root cause of your specific health concerns through an extensive health history questionnaire at your first visit. I look through the lens of an Eastern Medicine practitioner as well as through the lens of Western Medicine principals through Lab work. It is important to utilize the best and most accurate laboratory testing to see what is potentially the underlying causes from a physiological standpoint.

At your first visit, I will create a personalized treatment plan, including Acupuncture, cupping therapy, custom herbs and recommended Blood, Saliva and/or Urine Lab work if necessary. The Laboratory testing is 100% at your personal discretion, it is certainly not required; only recommend to help your body heal optimally. Some lab work is covered by insurance depending on your coverage, and some may be out of pocket. I am happy to help you determine if insurance can be billed for Lab work prior to making your decision.

One test often recommended is an Adrenal Stress Index. This is a Saliva test that will measure hormones such as cortisol, DHEA and pregnenolone. Several studies suggest that these hormones may influence metabolism and appetite, leading to a more balanced, healthy weight. Research also indicates that pregnenolone helps decrease the effects of cortisol, preventing abdominal fat buildup, stress, as well as fluid retention.

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